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Totus Tuus began in the Diocese of Wichita in 1987. Since then, Totus Tuus has expanded from one parish in Kansas to numerous parishes throughout the country. Currently, more than 40 dioceses throughout the United States and Canada will host their own Totus Tuus missionary teams! 


Totus Tuus Green Bay began with one missionary team in 2012. In 2014 it expanded to two missionary teams that served 12 parishes within the Green Bay Diocese and began to train their team and missionary teams from other dioceses. In 2022, Totus Tuus Green Bay has grown to serve 14 parishes over seven weeks. Contact us to get your parish added to our schedule!

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Grades 1-6

During the week, the children entering grades one through six in the upcoming fall school year participate in four classes each day, attend daily Mass, learn the Mass parts and liturgical songs, participate in games, icebreakers, skits, worship music, recess, and prayer. 


The curriculum helps the children to develop a personal relaionship with God, the loving Father. This relationship gives them the confidence to be Christ's witnesses in the world around them. Finally, Totus Tuus endeavors to show the youth that a humble and courageous desire to know God must be based upon a steadfast disciplined life of prayer combined with frequent reception of the sacraments.


College students who are on fire with their faith give the students examples which the youth can observe and then imitate. This process teaches them that being a witness to their faith in the world around them is a very realistic and worthwhile goal.

Grades 7-12

Totus Tuus offers evening instruction for junior and senior high school youth entering grades 7-12 during the week between 7pm - 9 pm.


We have found that vibrant, faithful, college-aged missionaries can effectively impact our junior and senior high school youth, because of the close proximity of age and the ability to establish mentor relationships.


The Tutus Tuus junior and high school program includes instruction, small discussions, quiet meditation, prayer and fellowship. The missionary team teaches in such a way as to continually offer a dialogue by which each person feels respected in his or her most basic dignity. 


On Tuesday evening, the youth adore Christ face-to-face during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. During the same time, the youth are encouraged to receive the Sacrament of Confession. To conclude the week, on Thursday eventing, the missionary team will spend time in fellowship with the students.

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