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The Mount Tabor Center staff train teams of missionary evangelizers for nine months of spreading the faith through SPIRITUS Ministries. They bring their experience to training Totus Tuus teams. All curriculum training is taught by area priests including Fr. Schuster, Fr. Sember, Fr. Warden and others.


The goals of the Totus Tuus training is to prepare the missionaries spiritually and catechetically to begin teaching once they are finished with the 11 days of training. The first five days are dedicated to foundations of faith, theology of the curriculum and teaching tips to make the curriculum come alive. The focus of the second five days is for the Totus Tuus missionaries to prepare lesson plans, practice teaching their classes and to receive feedback. This process is crucial to being prepared to start Totus Tuus. An 11th day is added to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help and for missionaries to experience a ropes course together.


In addition to spiritual and catechetical preparation, the Totus Tuus missionaries also receive instruction in temperments, conflict resolution, dynamic speaking, communication stategies and other topics that help equip them for their mission.

Totus Tuus training is May 28- June 9, 2023.

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